My Site

  • powered by Statamic CMS
  • search powered by Algolia
  • hosted with Digital Ocean
  • deployed with Laravel Forge
  • source controlled on Github


  • 2019 16" MacBook Pro with 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 & 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
  • LG 43UD79-B Monitor (replaced 2 x 27" Apple Cinema Displays)
  • Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad
  • Apple Magic Trackpad
  • THINKPAD USB-C DOCK GEN2 (means I have 1 cable into my MacBook)
  • 256Gb iPhone 8+
  • 128Gb 11" iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
  • BESTEK Gooseneck iPad Mount Holder
  • Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  • IKEA Bekant sit/stand desk
  • Marantz Turret mic & camera
  • Apple AirPods Pro (general day to day use but the best noise cancellers are still my Bose QuietControl 30 wireless headphones)
  • Samsonite Cityvibe Backpack


  • Vue as my JavaScript library of choice
  • Tailwind CSS for style (utility classes FTW)
  • Laravel for custom apps
  • Statamic or Craft when I need a CMS


  • IntelliJ IDEA 90% of the time
  • VSCode the rest of the time

Desktop Tools

  • Chrome as my default browser with AdBlock Plus, JSON formatter, Refined GitHub, Video Speed Controller and Vue.js devtools extensions
  • Alfred app for quick search, launching apps, text snippets, calculations
  • iTerm (although I do like use the terminal in IntelliJ a lot)
  • Tower for Git
  • Sequel Pro for managing MySQL databases
  • F-Bar for managing Laravel Forge servers
  • Insomnia for playing with APIs and Graph
  • Deckset for composing presentation decks
  • NordVPN to protect my data when using the Internet in public
  • There to track timezones
  • Spectacle for managing windows
  • Screenflow for screencasts
  • Droplr for sharing screenshots
  • Fantasical for nice calendaring
  • Backblaze and Dropbox for backups
  • 1Password for keeping track of passwords
  • Spotify for music


  • Slack, Zoom, Discord and for real-time communication for coworkers, friends and family
  • Gmail for business
  • FreeAgent for accounts and invoicing (supported by our great accountants at Maslins)
  • ActiveCollab for project management