Friend focus: Abraham Lloyd

Today is special, one might say serendipitous.

Next up in my 'Friend focus' installment is Mr Abraham David Lloyd (not a Jew apparently) - or just 'Abe'.

Abe in Paris recently

It was 4 years ago this very day that I met Abe for the first time - and serendipitous in that we're having dinner with him and his fiancée Christi tonight in New York while we're here in NYC.

From the initial email recommendation I mentioned in my post about Jack and Under Armour, Abe was the project manager with UA at that time. We spoke for about 5 minutes on the phone and I flew to Baltimore the next day.

I was feeling a bit apprehensive about being away from Sarah and the kids for that length of time, I also remember suffering badly from Impostor Syndrome at being exposed to the UA tech stack for the first time (I think Sarah remembers the phone call). Abe was great, reassured me of what I needed to do and focus on, let others take care of the the bits I didn't get.

I've worked with some great people over the years but Abe is the best project manager and man-manager I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Abe has continued to engage me where he thought I could bring value to one of his projects and I'm very thankful he does :)

He's been a great friend since that first Baltimore project. I've stayed with Abe and Christi when I've been in Philly for work/conferences. We've even shared a $100 pizza - true story.

Abe, thank you for your friendship and leadership.