Creative Missions, Boise, Idaho - May 2015

For the last few years, I've been tracking with a ministry know as Creative Missions.

For the last few years, I've been tracking with a ministry called Creative Missions.

In their own words:

For those that have tracked with me for any length of time, you'll know that building solid ministry websites is a subject very close to my heart. I love the small role that I get to play with The Gospel Coalition website as well as supporting my own church and some others here at home.

This year, CM will take place on May 16th through 22nd, in Boise, Idaho.

Last years trip took place in Baltimore, a city I have fond memories of through my work with Under Armour. I wasn't able to make it last year because, well Levi happened, but jumped at the chance to take part this year.

So why do I need to go to the US to help a church with something like their website? Well, you'd be right in thinking I don't need to be going to do that. I work remotely with clients from all over the world, in different timezones.

I'm going to Boise with a view to learning what the guys have been doing in the US over the last few years and seeing how we can make the same things happen in the UK.

The trip particulars

30 creative missionaries spread among 5 teams will be serving a total of 10-15 Boise area churches (and even one church in Ontario, Oregon).

Boise is a growing town (#15 on Forbes' list of the fastest growing U.S. cities) with a lively outdoors culture, healthy economy, and a fantastic quality-of-life. In fact, the quality of life is so good, folks don't realize their need for a savior.

It’s also a “post-Christian” city that’s open to a plurality of spiritual beliefs, but largely unchurched. The church is actually the biggest barrier to the gospel in Boise. People are not asking, "what church should we go to," but "why church?" We're serving churches who have found impacting their city with the gospel best happens in missional communities.

The goal is to help equip pastors and their missional communities engage a culture where some find little value in a traditional “church service.”


I'm happy to say that the trip has already been funded - the trip per person is £330 + my return flights to Boise were circa £550. That said, anything that you are able to donate to the overall mission fund would be great and you can do that right here.

You can also pray for me, the other team members, the churches and their respective leadership teams. Also pray for the city of Boise as well.

Also pray for Sarah and the kids while I'm in the US (this will be my 3rd US trip in the space of 6 weeks).

I'm really excited for this trip - what we'll do for the churches there and what I'll learn and bring back to the UK.


I'll be posting updates as I have them here on my blog and as the trip is in progress, I'll try find the time to write about what we're doing. I'm sure there will be Tweets and Instagram posts too.

Oh - and there's no 'Z' in Boise.

It's pronounced like this guy (UK folks will get that).