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Published on December 19th, 2010

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Where has it gone? It seems like only the other day I was penning this and now I'm wrapping up 2010.

It's been some year for the Grant family, a lot of travelling as well that I'm not used to as well as trying to manage some hectic work schedules between Sarah and I. Here's a quick run down our collective year:

  • February
    • Sarah starts new part-time job with British Gas - logistical nightmare
    • We get rid of our cable and 'cooncil' TV
  • March - Rebecca needs a small operation and was a little gem through it all
  • July - Sarah & I consider the possibility of moving to the US (more on that to come)
  • August - I find out my sister is getting married in November and I'm going to be an uncle
  • September - Sarah & I jet out to Saratoga Springs, NYΒ 
  • October - I attend my first web conference, EECI, in Leiden, The Netherlands
  • November - at the last minute, I head to NZ for 4 days for Leigh's wedding
  • Everywhere inbetween - Hannah continues to be a very restless sleeperΒ 


Nothing quite prepares you for one of your babies going into hospital, particularly under a general anaesthetic. Although this was a minor procedure there are always risks when anaethtesia is involved. Thankfully though, the Lord brought Rebecca through safely and gave us a peace while she was under.

Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

For those that don't know, Sarah and I were very seriously looking at leaving the UK this year. In July I got wind of a job with a marketing agency in a small town in Upstate New York, called Saratoga Springs.

My now good friend, Jack McDade, pushed his bosses to take a look at what I could bring to their team and so, in late September, the company offered to fly me out there to get a feel for me as a person and for us to get to know the area. Although I knew who Jack was, we had never really chatted before, but we both knew that we are Christians, married with young family and of course love ExpressionEngine.Β 

Jack very kindly offered to host us while we were in the US and we had a great time of fellowship with him and his wife Jen and their son, as well as their friends the Jaegers & Messengers.Β 

Unfortunately, the job with the marketing agency didn't come to fruition (visa issues) but I firmly believe that the Lord didn't introduce Jack & I (and friends) by coincidence. I still believe God has a plan there and we may still end up in the US in the future.

ExpressionEngine Conference

One of my goals this year was to improve on my EE skills. I'm now Scotland's only representative in the ExpressionEngine Pro Network and have launched numerous EE sites this year. I also thought it would be worthwhile getting along to the EE Conference in The Netherlands, hosted by Whoooz. I met some really cool guys like Jon & Nate (and Nate's lovely wife Dena) of 47Media, Carl Crawley, Travis Schmeisser (who works with Jack on an EE addon by coincidence) and more than a few others. I also got to star in an episode of The Kick Awesome Show (I'm in at 1 min 28). What the conference confirmed for me though was how great the ExpressionEngine community is and something I'm proud to be a part of.

Wedding of the Year

Try wearing a full kilt outfit in 30 degrees celcius having just flown around the world. Tired and hot don't cover it.Β 

I (on my own sadly) made a last minute dash (booked on the Weds before the wedding at 11am and flew at 5pm) for my sister Leigh's wedding in New Zealand, in what was probably the shortest visit to NZ from the UK. Dad knew I was coming but mum and Leigh didn't and so it was a great surprise for them.

The wedding itself was awesome, nice location and a smashing feed at the reception. Too bad I bust my toe after removing my kilt socks though - I deprived New Zealand of my infamous dance skills.

Goal Progress

2 out of 3 ain't bad but still must strive to improve. Bible study took a big hit this year mainly due to Sarah's job and the logistics around making that work (something we don't need to worry about at the moment but I'm sure next year will bring challenges). While Sarah was working, I got to spend real quality time with my babies and it's been great to see them grow and now happily (most of the time) interact with one another. Freelance work continues to blossom and I'm hopeful of being able to work with Mr McDade real soon now that he's made the freelance leap.

The Year Ahead

I'm looking to 2011 with real excitement, work is going well, Sarah's not working so things are beginning to feel normal again around the house. I'm hoping that Sarah and I have learned to rely upon God and not in our own strengths. Life is good and in the words of someone I heard recently "I'm doing better than I deserve to be!".Β 

Hannah doesn't feature much here so I thought she deserved her own picture. Love you darling.

So, War & Peace is done, hope you enjoyed the pictures and the inane drivel.

Every blessing for 2011.


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