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Published on July 5th, 2010

It's not often I find myself writing 2 blog articles in the same day but while this is fresh in my mind.

I should start out by saying that I am not defaming or deriding Lings Cars in what I'm about to say - if that was the case I wouldn't be linking back to Ling's site. This is my personal and subjective (very important) opinion and experience whilst using Lings Cars.

Earlier today, one of my colleagues asked if I knew about - I’d heard the name and knew it was a successful car leasing website but I’d never been on the website.

Quickly fired up the website and to be honest, I didn’t know where to look. So many things trying to grab my attention, my retinas started to bleed quite heavily (joke). I think my visit last about 5 seconds before I closed the offending browser tab.

I wasn’t the only 1 in the office feeling this way about the site.

I then posted on Twitter and Facebook about whether Ling’s Cars is the “worst successful website in the world” and to my surprise I got a message from Ling herself.

I personally don’t like the site design but quite clearly, it works in a capacity because she’s a successful Inter-preneur. As I mentioned earlier, I felt there is too much competition for attention and effectively made me close the browser.

Ling argued that the site:

  • engages with people
  • keeps you interested
  • was like being inside the mind of a genius
  • a whole load of other things that must surely keep me on the site

Wrong - none of the above kept me on the site, but that’s just me.

Ling then told me I’m a brussel sprouts person - love them or hate them. I get what she was saying, people clearly do like the website but I’m hazarding a guess that, like the people in my office, didn’t like it because it was a nice site but because Ling has great car deals and her crazy personality comes across.

What I was trying to get across to Ling though was that why only ever look to satisfy that 50% - with some appropriate A/B testing, Ling could figure out ways to win the 50% (people like me) who quickly close their browser or hit the back button. Doing something that simple could easily increase her profits to cater for those users.

Check out Ling's Cars for yourself and follow Ling on Twitter

PS. Ling - no one is stamping their feet wink

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