October 21, 2014

Have you met Meet Finch?

Every so often, there's a tech leap that makes your job that little bit easier. Last year, that was Compass Retinator, this year it was the Gulp goodness of the libsass gulp module.

Lately, in my work with Under Armour, we've struggled with a way to test our local environments on anything other than our local environment and the emulators built into Chrome.

This is because, in order for the site to work, we need to be connected to the UA VPN to connect to the databases that power the site.

Meet Finch changes that.

Installing Meet Finch, allows you to forward external visitors to your local environment using an assigned URL.

As you can see above, we login to the app, provide the username and password for our account, feed it our local url/port and Meet Finch provides us with a URL that we can share between the team.

It's quite similar to the way Vagrant share works but without the need for Vagrant.

There are different plans to choose from depending on your testing needs but this is definitely a tool to consider in testing your website or giving your client access to in development work for discussion.

meet finch plans

It's very early days (I only saw this appear on Twitter this afternoon) but I'm a fan already.

Update (22/10): after I posted, Aaron kindly pointed me in the direction of ngrok - which seems to be a free alternative to Meet Finch.

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