Steven 2 minute read
March 19, 2014

Front-end dev resource

I'm looking for a front-end dev resource for the start of April 2014 through to June 2014 for around 20 hours per week.

You'll be working with a small development team that includes myself and a few others based in the US. Location isn't important but your regular communication is vital (we generally use Skype and Google Hangouts) and open to communication during business hours for US east coast.

Primarily you'll be translating Photoshop design work (I know!) to reusable HTML components and building styles using Sass (we'll use my front-end toolkit as a starter for 10) for a custom commerce platform. There will be exposure to pure JavaScript and more than likely jQuery too.

Knowledge of this platform isn't important (I can pretty much guarantee you'll never have used it previously) as you won't be involved with the business logic, we will have resource that we can refer to where questions arise. That said, I'd expect you to have used other templating languages (whether that be in another CMS or front-end template language) before so the jump shouldn't be great.

We'll be doing daily standups, so previous Scrum experience would be great. Experience of Git is also essential -- you'll know how to fork, branch, submit pull requests -- and be open to technical peer review of deliverables by other team members (this is a good thing).

If you're interested, drop me an email with your rate, some work examples and if I can afford you, we'll take it from there.