Friend focus: Sarah

Published on October 5th, 2015

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Not just a friend, but my best friend. Today is her 30th birthday - we're celebrating it (and 9 years of marriage) like I promised we would in NYC.

The family - minus Levi (we need new family shots)

Not many wives would have supported their husband in giving up his steady government job to pursue dreams of self-employment, especially with 2 children, mortgage and car, but Sarah has done that consistently during these last 4 years since I took that step.

Encourages me when I'm frustrated. Probably knows more about the intricacies of my job than most spouses do because I talk about the web a lot. Hasn't been phased in the least by the addition of 2 children post self-employment either.

I still fail her regularly but yet she continues to love me warts and all.

Thank you Sarah for your love & support in the midst of self-doubt.

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