Friend focus: Jesse Schutt

Published on October 4th, 2015

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I've only gotten tomeet Jesse once and that came in May in Philadelphia at Peers Conf.

Jesse and I @ Peers Conf, Philadelphia, May 2015

I'd originally known Jesse from the ExpressionEngine community. At that time he was the media director at a Christian camp whilst he moonlighted as a web developer too.

Although we'd chatted on and off, Tweeted each other a few times - things were generally EE related (even a few MojoMotor Tweets).

When I was looking for some project help in 2013, Jesse pinged me offering his services. Finding good people to work and who are available can be a challenge, but I got what I needed in Jesse. Solid work, solid work ethic, honest and transparent.

Jesse has also kept our family in prayer and vice versa since we first got to work together. It was such a cool thing to finally meet him in Philly this May.

Like us, Jesse and his wife April are crazy...they also have 4 kids + 1 + another on the way! He told me in May he doesn't know how this happened...I didn't have the heart to tell him :)

Thank you Jesse for your work, encouragement and prayer.

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