Friend focus: Jack McDade

Published on October 1st, 2015

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This weekend marks 4 years since I left my last job to work freelance. There have been a ton of people who have helped me along during that time in one way or another.

I wanted to take the time over the coming days to highlight some of those friends by way of a thank you.

First up is my good friend Jack.

Jack, his wife Jen and son Evan

My friendship with Jack stretches back 5 years. I'd known of Jack from the ExpressionEngine community for a while and in 2010, the company he worked for at the time were looking for a front-end EE developer.

On a whim, I Tweeted Jack about applying for the job.

After a couple of Skype calls, Jack's company wanted to fly me to Saratoga Springs for a week. Naturally I took Sarah with me and Jack and Jen very graciously hosted us for the week.

We had a great week in Saratoga with them and although the job didn't work out, we got some awesome new friends who introduced us to some new TV shows too.

Fast-forward a year to October 1st 2011, I'm flying out to Baltimore from Glasgow to work with Under Armour, after an initial recommendation from Jack.

In that time, I've been able to visit Jack & Jen a couple of times when I've been in the US for project work and they visited us last year.

Thank you for your hospitality in 2010, looking out for work in 2011 and just your on-going friendship generally.

Oh and let me not forget, Happy Birthday man :)