Flying the flag

Published on July 19th, 2010

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I alluded to some good news I got last week and I’m now in a position to make that public.

As of today I am flying the flag for Scotland on the ExpressionEngine Pro Network. This means a lot to me. I’ve been an ExpressionEngine evangelist since my first ExpressionEngine site 3 years ago (just ask Sarah wink ).

The ExpressionEngine community has really grown and matured over the past 3 years and the system is used by the geniuses at Happy Cog, Erskine Design, Pixel & Tonic to name but a few.

ExpressionEngine is a commercial web publishing system that allows you to quickly, effectively - and securely - manage your website content through a simple interface. It can also act as an excellent base for great web applications too.

in good company

Along with the ExpressionEngine Conference in Leiden, I’m optimistic about the opportunities Pro Network membership will bring and of course, delighted to be on the same pages as those above (and the rest of the network).

Check out my listing and if you want to hire me for a project, drop me a line.

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