Findlay Church

Published on May 5th, 2010

The new Findlay Church website went live late Monday evening.

The new site is powered by ExpressionEngine and was a good learning curve for myself given some of the functionality that was requested by Findlay and also test out some new EE addons.

Tables are no longer used for website layout, instead it uses standards compliant markup throughout.

The use of ExpressionEngine means that admin can update the website themselves, adding events (using the new Solspace Calendar Module), publishing new sermons and editing content.

Findlay wanted a greater level of control over the size and placement of images within their content and they can do that using small image snippet code.

The Solspace Calendar Module was a last minute addition and is going to save on admin overhead. The repeating events functionality is great as well as the option to output to ics (although there's still some work to be done by Solspace on this).

Next to launch will be the Findlay Family Network - so stay tuned.

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