About Me

Our family

I live in the suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland with my beautiful wife Sarah and 3 adorable daughters - Rebecca, Hannah & Rachel, and my son, Levi. We don't have a family photo of all 6 of us yet.

The first professional website (circa 1998) I built was an early commerce site that sold a digital product that the customer would download after they'd paid.

Since then, I've worked with all types of organisations, local guesthouses, small to medium sized companies, local government, financial institutions, startups and Fortune500 businesses designing & developing websites and web applications.

I'm currently working with:

The typical tools of my trade include pen/paper, my trusty Apple MacBook, PHPStorm, Sublime Text, HTML/Sass, JavaScript, Vue JS, Laravel, a handful of solid CMS platforms (like Statamic and Craft) & water. Lot's of water. lots and lots of tea (milk and 2 sugars please).

Fun Facts